The skin's needs for the perfect foundation change with the seasons, and what worked great in summer often doesn't fit so well in winter. Temperature differences of up to 30 degrees between the cold air outside and heating air inside, snow, wind and cold make the skin redden faster, become drier and the eyes run. All of this causes the foundation to run quickly or to settle on dry skin. That's why we have put together the most important points for an even, long-lasting complexion in winter for you.

Since facial care is usually a bit richer in winter, you shouldn't use richer foundations for the primer, which can quickly overwhelm the skin and quickly blur. In winter the perfect primer and a slightly more opaque foundation are more important, as the skin is now often a little more impure and tends to redden. The foundation should still not look masking, so redness and veins should be covered selectively. Powder should only be used in winter for women who are struggling with oily, greasy skin. For everyone else, powder often looks too dry in winter and emphasizes wrinkles and flakes of skin. When choosing a concealer, the durability should also be in the foreground in order to survive the cold and watery eyes.

Most women get fairer skinned in winter, which is why the colors of the foundation and concealer have to be adjusted in the transition. The winter color usually moves in the same color spectrum (rosy, yellowish or olive) as the summer color, only one to three shades lighter. It is important not to choose the base that is too light, otherwise the face will quickly look too chalky. Therefore it is best to test the color extensively on the skin of the face. The choice of color can also help to even out redness and veins, in order to cover them up, slightly warmer, golden undertones are recommended. The concealer should also be a little lighter, but not too light.

The tools are particularly crucial for a perfect finish: Flat or round foundation brushes and sponges work in the foundation well, thus ensuring a better bond with the skin and guaranteeing durability for hours. Rounded brushes are particularly suitable for working in products that are highly opaque so that they still look natural. The classic Luis Huber Foundation Brush enables a super even finish. Sponges are ideal for applying compact foundations, if they are moistened beforehand, they give compact powder foundations greater coverage.

Which products are suitable in winter always depends on the skin type and its special needs. Below you can find our recommendations for your individual type:


This skin type has to struggle with the fact that the base disappears particularly quickly due to the cold air in winter and the already oily skin, which is why the main concern here is a durable one and matte, but still natural makeup. The BB Cream, which is ideal in summer, should be replaced by a Compact Powder Foundation , which is also ideal for quick touch-ups in between. This is supplemented by a pore-refining and matting primer , which is applied after the day care. It is massaged sparingly with the fingers on the nose, chin and forehead in gentle, circular movements. Then the Compact Powder Foundation is applied with a sponge or brush. The eye area, which is generally left out of the foundation, is lightened with the Luis Huber Timeless Concealer . For greater coverage, this can be applied selectively as a second layer to cover major redness and impurities. The primer and the powdery texture of the base prevent too rapid after-shine.


The dryness of this type increases in winter, but the base must not be too rich, but above all moisturizing so that the young skin does not react with irritations and impurities . After the day care, a nourishing and moisturizing primer is applied over a large area with a foundation brush. It prevents the make-up from being "absorbed" too much by the skin and thus extends coverage and durability. Then the Cellularose Moisturizimg CC-Cream is available, which can be selectively layered with a second application in the case of stronger redness and thus achieves a higher coverage. In the eye area, the Luis Huber Timeless Concealer is the best choice. Its nourishing yet good coverage is ideal in the cold season.


This skin type is lucky enough not to have to invest a lot in an even complexion and therefore does not have to make a lot of effort even in winter. After the care, a base with light coverage and a natural finish is ideal. By Terry Light Expert , which has an integrated, rounded brush, is gently worked into the skin in circular movements. Its medium coverage and plumping effect pamper the skin. Then bring the eye area to glow with the covering Luis Huber Timeless Concealer . The Light Expert Foundation can be refreshed quickly and easily during the day thanks to the brush.


The cold winter air and the temperature difference between inside and outside pose special challenges for women with dry, more mature skin in order to keep it looking plump and radiant. A plumping primer is essential after day care. The By Terry Densiliss Primer works like a lifting serum and at the same time offers all the benefits of a light-reflecting primer. It can even be worked into the thin and sensitive eye area. Then perfect the skin with the Densiliss Foundation . The plant extract it contains has an intensive protective and wrinkle-reducing effect. Its natural and long-lasting finish and the modeling effect is the perfect companion in winter. This has a very balancing, nourishing and plumping effect, but is hardly visible as make-up. Use the Luis Huber Concealer sparingly as a concealer.


The contradiction of this skin type, which on the one hand needs intensive care and on the other hand a matt finish, is taken to extremes in winter. The choice of the primer is particularly essential here. The moisturizing and slightly mattifying Hyaluronic Hydra-Primer is ideal. Gently work in a small amount with your fingers in circular motions. It even has a protective and smoothing effect on the lips and eyes. The Luis Huber Timeless Concealer is used in the eye area and to cover redness and imperfections. The Diego dalla Palma Cipria compatta is gently dabbed on as a finish with a brush or with a cotton pad for greater coverage. This extends the shelf life and also protects the skin from aggressive influences in winter. Skin types that are very shiny should always have Cipria Compatta with you in your clutch. Its natural and never chalky or dry finish makes it the perfect powder for more mature skin.